To a competitive community where teamwork and being an effective and reliable player pays off!

  • We use teamkills, teamdamage and deaths to decrease your rating. Reliability is decreased even more.
  • We use kills, clutches, objectives, damage and suppression(insurgency) to increase your rating. Reliability is increased slowly.
  • When a game is live
  • Leaving a game and not reconnecting within 5 minutes will decrease your rating and reliability
  • If you are afk, greifing or abusing via voice, and an !abuse vote is passed against you, your rating and reliability will decrease.
  • Please note that reliability is flawed right now.
  • Insurgency ranked 128 tick: theinsurgent.eu
  • TeamSpeak3: ts.theinsurgent.eu
To make communication easy when playing a gather or other organised matches, we offer an automated TeamSpeak3 server.
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